Varrad the hunter.

March 6, 2008

He is an alt. Oh noes… not another one of those!  Sorry, no pic yet.
Here is what happened. Big Red Kitty had his Gnaked Gnome Race. I made Puntz, a gnome rogue for it. It was fun. I’ve been working on Puntz from time to time but I’m not really good at them. A friend said, try Combat spec. So I am. I’m doing okay with Puntz at it. But the deal is there are two other classes that I’d really like to try my hand at. Mage and pally. So two more alts were born. Grizwelda is a gnome mage (and my only chick toon). Grimi is a dwarven pally.

So what does this have to do with a hunter? Easy, the alts needed cash. I have the same advice for everyone that is short of gold: roll a hunter. MM spec with mining and skinning for professions. He is basically a gold grinding machine. Little Griz needed some cloth for tailoring… no problem. A quick lap around Westfall generated 4 stacks of linen and 3 stacks of wool.

But I ramble.

Someone was spamming general chat about a guild. I figured, “Why not? It’ll give me someone to chat with while grinding.” It turns out this guild is very active. It has about 230 toons in it and about 20-30 players on at any time. It is a nice social guild. Anyway, just to be smarmy, I put in my character note, “70 by the end of the week.” One of the guildies asked me if I was serious. I said, “Sort of.” I don’t think I can actually get him to 70 by Sunday but I did say that it might be possible to get him to 70 in 7 days played time, as long as I didn’t screw around. So that is my goal for Varrad the hunter. He is about 1 day old and is almost through level 23. That is so-so. As I said, I did some farming with him. Puntz will now take over that duty. Puntz was skinning and leatherworking. Now he is skinning and mining. This should free up Varrad to power level.


Expletives and grins

March 1, 2008

Yesterday the daily BG was AV. Yeehaw! I got on Lonegunnman and he rocked his way to one quick win. 11g and 400 bonus honor. Ya can’t beat that with a stick. I figured it was time for a challenge. So, just for shits and grins, Vonmises, my feral druid, made his return to AV. He is only level 68.

The first battle went badly. It was a pre-made and the Ally was more disorganized than usual. So I figured I try to ninja some stuff. No luck there. It takes too long to get out of combat and druids can’t stealth while they are in combat. Even if they are not fighting anyone they can’t get back into stealth. I wish we could vanish like rogues. It was terrible trying to get into stealth. Then again, when I did get into stealth, it was damn near impossible to stay there. I was trying to sneak into Frostwolf and a damned wolf out front managed to see me. Yes, one of the lowly mid-60s wolves. So I end up fighting it and a bunch on Hordies saw what was going on and came over and owned me. I was glad when that battle was over.

Not to be deterred, I queued up again. No pre-made this time. In fact, it seemed like the Horde were the ones that were more disorganized than usual. We zerged Galv and decided to push onto the relief hut. A few stopped at Frostpoint tower so I figured I’d help out. So I dismounted and actually managed to stealth. I get up to the top of the tower to find that I’m the only one that went up there. Not only that, there are about three Hordies up there and they saw me. So I bugged out. I jumped out of the tower and hit the sprint button heading back for IBGY. There I found a fight going on so I jumped in. A couple of Ally rogues versus two Hordie squishies. A mage and a lock. The three of us managed to take them down. This is where the fun started. The three of us, two rogues and me, a feral druid, camped out at IBGY. It made a tempting target for the Horde. After all, it must have appeared to be an unguarded graveyard. So one by one, an opertunistic Hordie would dismount and try to capture it only to suddenly find it to be a 3 on 1 fight. We kept this up for the rest of the battle.  Alliance won.
Still, a level 68 doesn’t really belong in AV with a bunch of 70s. So I figured I had my win and that was good enough. I’ll go back when I get Von to 70.

Quote of the day.

February 27, 2008

From WOW-Insider about farming Blood Elves around the Manaforges:

On the low end, it’s roughly 80g/hour; on the high end, depending on the state of your server’s economy and how lucky you get with tomes and drops, it can exceed 200g/hour. Not bad for a bunch of elves who supposedly lost everything when the Scourge put Quel’thalas to the torch.

Those poor, poor Blood Elves. I might have to give this one a try given that Lonegunnman just blew 5200g. Can you say, “I can haz epix flightz?” Yes. Just cough up a few months worth of farming for it.

Say hello to my little friend.

February 26, 2008

I can haz epix?
I got my Vengeful Gladiator’s Waraxe. It is my first arena season 3 piece. To put it mildly, it beats the snot out of the two blue daggers I was using. Heck, it increased my crit chance by over 1%.
Now, all I have to do is act like a huntard and melee with it for a bit. My 2H axe skill is only in the high 200s.

How to get into trouble without really trying.

February 26, 2008

I can haz weedz?
Stealth run the Slave Pens. Messed around with this for my first time last night. Why? To get Ancient Lichen. Who knew that high level alchemy and herbalism would be such a cash cow? I didn’t. Well, at least not till recently. I can stealth into SP and get stuff. I can fly around in flight form and get stuff. It is insanely easy. In my realm 1 Elixir of Major Defense goes for about 4g. So I stealth into SP, get the herbs, get back out, and reset the instance. Rinse and repeat. No fuss. No muss. Just don’t get caught. I died twice seeing how far I could push things. But hey, leather armor is cheap to repair. 1g 50s was the repair bill. I’m gonna be one rich little kitty.

Fly! Be free!!

February 25, 2008

Druids own the skies!
Vonmises hit the magical level 68 and picked up flight form.
He also got into a group (4 out of 5 were guildies) and one shotted Durn the Hungerer.
Nobody likes Gruul or his kids.
Not a bad night for my favorite alt.

What’s in a name.

February 21, 2008

From the Blog Azeroth blog-storm topic.
Where did I get my names from? Mostly, I go for the goofy. Lonegunnman started out as Lonegunman. When I switched servers Blizz made me change his name. That is where the extra ‘N’ came from. I figured it was a good enough silly name for a hunter. His trusty pet Hobbes got his name from the comic strip ‘Calvin & Hobbes’ which I love.
My druid, Vonmises, got his name from Ludwig Von Mises. It is just a nod to my libertarian political leanings.
The rest are pretty much silly names or random ones. Puntz the gnome rogue from the Gnaked Gnome Race got picked because Puntme wasn’t available. Grizwelda (gnome mage) is a nod to Monty Python. Colbeer (dwarf hunter) and Freebeer (human priest) were just silly names as was Shinsplitter (gnome warlock). Varrad was a random pick but his pet SpiderPig is a nod to the Simpsons.

Quote of the day.

February 18, 2008

From Seal of Stupidity

Having once been in a Sethekk Halls pug with a tank using the Carrot on a Stick for reasons of “not having another trinket”, I have to say that I no longer have a tolerance for this level of madness.

I see your lack of patience for stupidity and raise you a huntard. I had my priest, Freebeer, back in his lowbie days, healing in the Deadmines. It was a pug. It had a hunter in it. He decided that this run was the best time to level his melee skill. No pet. No ranged DPS. He’d just wallow in after the MT and start swinging. That was one of the worst pugs ever. It even beats out that time we got lost in Maraudon.


February 18, 2008

Finally! Lonegunnman went to Karazhan on Friday night with his new guild. It is a new group but it has in it players who have Kara experience. Things went great. The front went down easy. It was like it was on farm. I only died once, during the opera event. We got the Big Bad Wolf and when it was my turn to be Little Red Ridinghood I chose the Feign Death route over actaully running. He resisted it. I died. Rats.

After that is was all new to me. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I had a pretty simple, straight forward job. Support the main tank with DPS, watch my aggro, and don’t pull anything. Easy enough. We took down the Curator, the Shade of Aran, Netherspite, Nightbane, and the Chess Event. There was only one wipe which was on the Curator, on the first try we couldn’t get the flares down fast enough. I’m not sure why. On the second try we owned them.

Phat loot was three things. I got my tier 4 gloves from the Curator. Oddly enough, they are about par with my season 1 arena gloves. I was under the impression that the season 1 stuff were welfare epics. Maybe not. The second and third pieces of phat loot were from getting to revered with The Eye. I got to upgrade my ring and, more importantly, I can now buy Mysterious Shells. The shells are expensive but worth it.

Best of all, it was a lot of fun. I was stalled for a while and getting bored with the game. There is only so much farming I can do. There are only so many times I’ll go to AV in a day before I get tired of it. Progression is new and different and a lot more fun.

So…. where are the pics? I only took one and it looks like crap. So maybe next week.

I think I better dance now.

February 12, 2008

Vonmises hit level 66. Can you say:
/cast [target=mouseover] Lacerate

Random world pic.
A foggy night in Auberdine